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ALMA+GIL was started by two chefs, Mandy + Gerry, that has now evolved over time and pivoted during the pandemic to have started with kombucha brewing, grocery delivery, brunch pop-ups, and holiday meals. The company is named after Gerry's entrepreneurial grandparents in Mexico, our house flavours of kombucha are named after them, and their personalities also inspired the flavours.

With years of experience working in Toronto, there's so much we want to cook and share. These days we focus on our breakfast sandwiches in our humble little takeout spot in the junction triangle. We love eggs, and our sandwiches showcase the egg, with a little self saucing runny yolk. we appreciate the simplicity of a sandwich, and we want to focus on a few menu items and make them really well. In addition to breakfast sandwiches, we also have cookies, fresh juices, hong kong and thai style milk teas, and cold brew.

Egg Dish


Egg Katsu Sando

As the event is called Dine With Eggs, we want to showcase the egg. inspired by creamy custardy steamed eggs. The sandwich will have a smooth egg patty, breaded and fried. We want the contrast of soft eggs and crunchy exterior. with miso corn puree, and shaved cured yolk on milk bread. Corn is in season so we also wanted to showcase Ontario corn.