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Ramen Isshin means one heart, one ramen. We pride ourselves on our wide variety of authentic ramen and vegetarian ramen options.

Available at the College and Queen locations.

Egg Dish

Ramen Isshin

Vegetarian Miso and Spicy Vegetarian Miso

Isshin red miso blend, bamboo shoots, wok fried ground tofu, green onions, wood ear mushrooms, and thick twisty noodles.

Ramen Isshin

White Sesame Shio and Spicy White Sesame Shio

The Isshin original white sesame shio ramen has a creamy, light, and smooth taste. 100 per cent natural sea salt, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms, soft boiled marinated egg, pork belly cha shu, green onions, grind your own white sesame seeds, and thin wavy noodles.