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Silent H interprets the traditional flavours, textures, and aromas of Mexican street food into the most exquisite dishes of Mexican haute cuisine. We offer a gastronomic proposal that is irreverent and incorporates flavours and spices from all regions of Mexico. Each of our dishes is distinguished by the high quality and freshness of its ingredients, which contributes to an elevated food program and a sophisticated dining experience.

A space that reimagines Mexican heritage, satisfying even the most discerning palates and bringing the best of our culture to your table. Where strangers become 'compadres' and eventually grow into 'familia, cherishing the beautiful occasions of the present experiences together, while paying homage to a wondrous region's cherished heritage that continues to influence us to this day.'

Egg Dish

Silent H

El Favorito De Papá

Out of all the dishes designed for Silent H, 'El Favorito de Papá' holds the most sentimental value to Chef Gerardo. This dessert was the last one to create, as he wanted to finish the menu with a dish dedicated to the man that meant so much to him. This pear bread was a cake served on Chef’s dad’s last birthday, one that he enjoyed tremendously. El Favorito de Papá is a beautiful tribute from Chef to his beloved father, a way to cherish his memory and keeping his energy alive in the restaurant. In loving memory of Don Gerardo Nov 16, 1958 - June 12.