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Unlike most other Armenian eateries in the city, Taline does not traffic in beloved standbys such as shawarma and kebabs. Together with my younger brothers, Saro and Serouj, I opened Taline in April, with a mission to radically subvert Torontonians’ impressions not just of Armenian food, but of Armenia itself. To this end, we view Taline as more than just a mere restaurant. Rather it’s a means of showcasing our culture.

At Taline, everything great about Armenia comes together in the emblematic and maternal figure of Taline herself. Our late mother passed away when we were only 16, 12 and 11 (respectively), but not before instilling in us a deep and indissociable love for her, for Armenia and for its aromatic, spice-laden dishes, whose recipes she brought with her when she migrated to Canada in the late 1980s. We have taken her recipes and have made a more fine dining, and new age approach to them, but still keeping the same traditions alive.

Egg Dish



Hummus, Cured Egg Yolk, Summer Peas, Black Garlic Oil.


Ashta Tart

Ashta, Halva, Pistachio Dust, Burnt Honey Tahini.