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Midnight Cookie is set to open first storefront in Midtown

Beloved late night cookie delivery service, Midnight Cookie, announced it will be opening its first store at the end of the month. 

Midnight Cookie is run by couple Emily Banks and Alon Steinbach. They came up with the idea during the pandemic when they relocated back to Toronto and were up late at night. 

“We couldn’t find anything we wanted scrolling through the delivery apps and so we started baking at night… we thought other people might be interested,” says Banks. 

It turns out she was right. In just two years Midnight Cookie has grown from an Instagram page, to a google form and is now available on most delivery apps. They are best known for having hot cookies available until 2 a.m. on weekdays and 3 a.m. on weeknights. Banks and Steinbach are passionate about good quality, no matter what time of day, or night, their cookies are ordered. 

“We don’t bake an order until we receive it, so we always make it fresh,” Banks explains, “It’s really important to us that all our customers have the same experience.”

They have a large selection of flavours which include some of their most popular like Kinder, red velvet and cookies and cream. Their most recent introduction to the menu is a new toffee cookie with toffee they make in house. And nothing goes better with a hot cookie than a cold glass of milk which they have available, as well as homemade coffee.

“We specialize in one thing which is cookies, so we want to make it the best experience possible,” says Banks.   

Banks and Steinbach are planning to open their first storefront in Midtown at the end of the month. They currently have their operations located in the area but are anxious to move into a physical space where they can have more interaction with people to expand their customer base. 

“The community has already been so supportive of us,” says Banks. Their long-term goal is to open another store in the downtown area, as well as expand throughout the GTA where they already have a demand. 

The midnight cookie storefront will be located at 3 Manor Rd. E as well as still being available on the delivery apps.