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Queen Street Bakery launches highly-anticipated gluten-free bagels across Canada

over 2 years ago

One of Toronto's most notable gluten-free goods bakeries and wholesalers, Queen Street Bakery, has officially released their sought-after "superfood" bagels at select retailers across Canada.

The bagels are available in two different kinds––a savoury chia and flax bagel and sweet cinnamon raisin bagel. Each bag comes with four superfood bagels, which not only mimic the taste and textures of a traditional bagel––at least as best as a gluten-free substitute can––but also packs a healthy punch of protein, fibre and 100 per cent of your recommended daily Omega-3's.

The chia and flax bagel features all the nutty, roasted flavours and aromas you look for in a bagel. But, if your bagel desires lie in the sweet realm or you can't eat nuts and seeds, their cinnamon raisin bagel is sure to satisfy as well. Each bagel contains 6 grams of protein and 9 grams of fibre, and are entirely vegan and made in a fully gluten-free facility.

Their ethos for the bagel was to be tasty, not only for people who eat a gluten-free diet––which is one in 10 people––whether it be an allergy, celiac or as a healthy eat habit, but also for people who are not gluten-free too.

Launched on Dec. 3, the bagels are now in stock at select Loblaw grocery stores across Toronto and Canada as a whole, as well as a handful of smaller grocery and health food retailers in city. The bagels will also be available at a number of Farm Boy grocers down the line as well.

The bagel was first introduced at the beginning of November, and has been in production for over a year. In preparation of their launch, Queen Street Bakery hosted a pop-up in late November, where they served free bagels to the community. In lieu of a "Black Friday" sale on their products, the company chose to host the pop-up, in which ever free bagel they gave away, they would donate one bagel to the Daily Bread food bank––a charitable act that is not uncommon for the company.

Queen Street Bakery's new superfood bagels are now available across Toronto at select retailers, with more being added soon. You can find a local grocer that carries them on their website, where you can also order a case of five bags of bagels straight from the bakery as well. They also create a slew of other GF products, including bread loaves, wraps, buns and pizza dough.