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Grab everything you need for Lunar New Year at T&T

Food and Lunar New Year festivities are as perfect a pairing as epicures and T&T Supermarkets. A culinary mecca that attracts customers with ample displays of choice produce, imported treats and house-made delicacies, T&T is the one-stop-shop to visit as you welcome the Year of the Dragon. 

Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chain, T&T has grown from two stores in British Columbia to 33 locations, including one south of the border, in Bellevue, Washington. It’s a place as beloved for its in-house bakery and affordable, restaurant-quality prepared foods as it is for its grocery-packed aisles, seafood and meat counters, and unique gifts. 

With less than a month left to go until the world ushers in the Year of the Dragon, now is the time to stock up for the ultimate Lunar New Year party. The city’s multiple T&T locations can see any host through, with a range of limited-edition finds in addition to the stores’ usual wealth of offerings. 

Armed with a cornucopia of fresh ingredients, seasoned cooks will serve up delectable whole fish, dumplings, and lengthy noodles dressed with all manner of savoury, saucy, slurpable goodies. 

As for the less adventurous? The strapped for time? The mess-averse or the culinary klutzes? Strolling amongst T&T’s numerous departments, including the popular Lunar New Year Kitchen and Bakery, they’ll find traditional and modern items made for sharing — from Poon Choi, or Chinese seafood casserole, and deluxe sushi platters, to baked rice cakes, yuzu cream cheesecakes, and more. 

Gift giving (and receiving!) is made easy with fabulous fruit, available beautifully wrapped and ready to wow. Juicy and sweet, flown in direct from Asia, these covetable treasures are a stunning departure from more common edible gifts. 

Offering in-store and online shopping (with delivery and pick-up options), you can tackle T&T the way you like best. 

Start early, and come February 10th, you’ll have found your favourites, sampled all the options, and stocked up for every friend, family member, and surprise guest who graces your door to welcome the Year of the Dragon.