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Fluffy pancakes for a cause: How a Toronto company is making a difference with their own pancake mix

over 2 years ago

Updated: over 2 years ago

We all know that food can be a form of healing, and for one company, fluffy pancakes is how they’re giving back to the community.

STAC(S) is a Toronto-based food and lifestyle brand founded by Kailey DeRubeis, Adrian Derrick, and Tory Ferguson. Together, they want to show that “giving back” can be simple and achieved through actions big or small.

For their part, STAC(S) aims to contribute to the community by improving access to food, investing in youth innovation and bringing impactful ideas to life through art.

“In short, we just want to inspire people to be more thoughtful about themselves, each other, and the way they see and contribute to the world,” says DeRubeis.

With something as simple and comforting as fluffy pancakes in the mornings, the STAC(S) team believes that change can begin with positive daily intentions from the moment we wake up.

“The idea behind STAC(S) is to encourage people to be thoughtful, intentional, and positive in the mornings specifically, so that they can begin the day with a greater sense of purpose.”

The concept was planted in the spring of 2021, when DeRubeis and Derrick were discussing the new, innovative age of keto, protein-based, and gluten-free pancake mixes. Wondering where traditional pancakes could fit in that picture, they began to brainstorm a “facelift” for traditional pancakes that could also serve a greater purpose to the community. Once the idea was set, they approached Ferguson, who has a background in baking, and asked her to join their mission.

Keeping simplicity at the core of their brand values, the STAC(S) pancake mix uses no mysterious or hard-to-pronounce ingredients, but they’re made to be perfectly fluffy on the inside and crisp on the edges.

“We tried to simplify the recipe as much as possible to give room for individual creativity. We like to imagine that people will use our pancakes as a blank canvas for however they’re feeling that particular day.”

The secret to a perfect STAC(S) pancake is less so in the mix itself and more about how you make your “canvas.” DeRubeis advises using a neutral oil (a lot of it) with a higher smoke point like vegetable oil, rather than butter, olive oil or coconut oil. This ensures crisp edges and fluffy interiors without burning your pancakes.

The team likes to keep their STAC(S) classic with just Canadian-made maple syrup. If they’re feeling like toppings that day, their favourites are berries and fresh mango.

Keeping individual dietary restrictions and preferences in mind, their pancakes can be made vegan with flax egg, and dairy-free with milk alternatives of your choice. They also freeze nicely if you ever end up with a larger stack than you have stomach room for.

STAC(S) is currently making post-lockdown plans to work with local missionaries, schools and any non-profit organizations that feed, educate and provide for the community. Read more about their mission and get in touch with them on their website.

The next batch of STAC(S), “Drop 002,” will be available to order on February 22, 2022 through their website, with a portion of sales donated to community events and non-profit organizations. They offer shipping across Canada, local pickup at Good Behaviour and local delivery to certain areas for a small fee. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with their drops and community events.