The Elora Mill Hotel & Spa proves that extravagance is just at home in charming towns as it is in urban settings | TasteToronto
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The Elora Mill Hotel & Spa proves that extravagance is just at home in charming towns as it is in urban settings

Quaint villages may not scream luxury getaway but head to Elora, Ontario and you might just be surprised by what you find. With every amenity in the book, posh furnishings, quietly opulent dishes and the unbridled beauty of its natural setting, the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa proves that extravagance is just at home in charming towns as it is in urban settings. 

A place with a little something for every guest, the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa has a rich history, a stunning spa, and the type of culinary output that effortlessly keeps bon vivants happy. With a cute collection of shops and the Elora Gorge beyond its doors, it’s also ideal for those seeking adventure – of the retail or elevated-heart-rate kind.

Opened in 2018, by Pearle Hospitality, the hotel was built on the bones of Elora’s original mill. Despite a complete revitalization and modern décor (by Hicks Design Studio and Lori Morris Design, respectively), the building’s original limestone walls and river-adjacent location whisper of its storied past.  

Inside, the hotel’s 30 guest rooms ensure guests live like royalty during their stay. Whether you dream of a wood-burning fireplace or soaker tub, radiant floor heating or your own private terrace, there’s a room guaranteed to please. With options ranging from the main building’s Mill Bedrooms to a two-story private villa, named The James Ross House, there’s also a room for parties of every size. 

Enhanced by the breathtaking vista spied through floor-to-ceiling windows, the hotel’s on-site spa welcomes guests looking to be primped and pampered, from head to toe. Treatments range from manicures, relished against a backdrop of the Grand River, to services that focus on lifting, smoothing, quenching – in short, ameliorating – every inch.

Don a robe, sip on fresh juice, slip into the outdoor pool or hot tub and surrender to the unfamiliar feeling of relaxation percolating through your every atom. 

Led by executive chef Dacha Markovic, the kitchen at the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa crafts a carnival of dishes driven by the seasons and the bounty found in the property’s environs. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, guests settle into solarium seating to indulge in the kind of food destination hotels are known for. House-made jams and pastries delight early risers, with fresh pasta, wood-grilled proteins and detailed desserts inspiring guests to linger long after the sun sets. A generous list of local wines and craft cocktails, along with mesmerizing gorge views, might also be blamed for diners’ reluctance to give up their tables. 

With experiences designed to liven up winter months, summertime and every day between, the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa invites guests to discover Elora all year long. Whether your interests lie in local culture, practicing yoga, or deepening your understanding of wine through repeated exposure, the hotel’s array of programming can enhance any stay. 

No matter where you find your escape – in rushing river waters, the hush of a spa room, the crackle of a bonfire, the weight of a feather duvet or the expertise of a meticulously-crafted meal – you’ll find it at the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa. Designed for girl’s getaways and über-romantic weekends, for weddings, solo pilgrimages and more, it’s a luxury destination with plenty to offer every guest, in every season.