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Eating out in Toronto has never looked better

The dining room at VELA.

The Ace Hotel's restaurant Alder, helmed by chef Patrick Kriss.

Does Toronto have its own style? I don't think so. I think Toronto has really good style, good taste in general. But I think the way our city works, it's very much a melting pot of ideas.

Managing Partner and Designer Shae-Lynn Mathers and Principal Designer and Founder Ian Rydberg of Solid Design Creative.

The gelato cart inside Oretta's bright and vibrant space.

Aloette's club-car vibe dining space.

Solid Design Creative's renderings of the Queen's Cross Food Hall at the Toronto Eaton Centre.

Inside Bitter Melon, designed by Solid Design Creative.

DaiLo's dining room.

If ever there was a time to look up from your crudo, your massaman curry, your slow-braised oxtail or your chilaquiles and take in the details that surround you, that time is now.